Illuminating Minds Media™ is a cloud-based media production company focused on in-depth, content-driven and innovative films and media. Founded in 2012, it is headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts, where a remotely coordinated production workflow streamlines a team of collaborators that includes production engineers, digital media professionals, musicians and filmmakers.



In meeting the individual needs of each project, we strive to deliver the following:


Accuracy and Completeness:  An exhaustive pre-production research phase followed by periodic review sessions allows for filmmakers and scientists to critique the story-lines at set intervals,  checking facts for accuracy and completeness against the best available evidence prior to any official release.

Innovation: To apply creative thinking in fostering a multi-layered audience engagement experience by producing a spectrum of innovative deliverables on multiple platforms, aimed at maximizing outreach.

Professionalism: To deliver high production values that meets or exceeds technical and artistic standards in form and content.

Flexibility: To formulate a detailed and all encompassing production plan,  tailored specifically around the busy schedules of scientists and subject matters for orderly completion of time-sensitive sequences.

Affordability: To maintain low overhead costs and channeling of funds toward quality content development.  We offer competitive service packages and open to supporting environmentally themed projects with limited budget.

Speedy Turnaround: Combination of an efficient streamlined production workflow, competent professionals and clear intra and inter-company communication allows for fast turnarounds, without sacrificing quality and output.

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